Scene Partner™ goes live on the App Store

On Tuesday, November the 2nd, after 9 months of development, Scene Partner™ and Scene Partner Lite went live on the App Store.  This has been a project that has combined the two things that have been my life’s work, 35 years of acting in local and regional theater and 25 years of product management in cutting edge technology.  Much thanks to all of the folks who have been crucial to the release of this product including:

TFI Envision, who did outstanding work on the branding, website and App Design.  You can find more of their great work at

Seek Mobile Interactive, the folks who wrote the code and had to learn a lot along the way about what makes actors tick.  Their other Apps can be found at

Harmony IT, who made sure that the technology infrastructure wasn’t made of sugar water.  You can find them at

This blog will be the place where I talk about all things Scene Partner and about the process of getting offbook.  I hope that others will join in the conversation and share their challenges, war stories and advice.

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One Response to Scene Partner™ goes live on the App Store

  1. Till Noten says:

    hi, im also an actor in a privat children theater. i think i will try Scene Partner. greetings

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