Tips and Tricks to Format Your Personal Scripts for Use with Scene Partner – Tip #1

Scene Partner Script Formatting Tip #1

Tips and Tricks  is a new series of emails, blog entries and social media posts to help you get the most out of Scene Partner. Please read and share these with your fellow actors to help them get offbook fast too!

TIP #1: The Text Box Can’t Be Blank!
When you upload your script to your private library, the first thing to do is see what it looks like AFTER  it has been converted. We have a text box on the script upload page so that you can see the results. If there is no text in that text box, then there is no text in your document that our conversion program can recognize.

TIP #1: The Text Box On The Upload Page Cannot Be Blank!

This happens with some PDF files. PDF files come in several types. For example, audition sides for film and television are often provided in a PDF format that does not include the actual text. The PDF is only a picture of the text. These PDFs are actually either image files or the files are locked so that the text can’t be accessed.

To convert the PDF picture files to a text file, you can use an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program. These programs analyze the picture on the page and attempt to identify alphabetical images and convert them to text. This is not 100% accurate and often requires lots of manual clean up after the file is processed.

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