The Scene Partner® e-Scripts™ WebStore Will Close June 30, 2017

We regret to inform you that the Scene Partner® e–Scripts™ WebStore will close June 30, 2017.

Why are we taking this step?

We expect that Apple® will announce new iOS software this summer, which will probably be released during the middle of September – right in the heart of the new Fall theatre season. They will also announce new hardware in September, which will likely begin shipping during Q4. It is our expectation that one of these events will most likely cause the app to stop working properly for those customers who take advantage of the new Apple products.

While the app may continue to work just fine, previous iOS releases have created serious issues that forced the app to close on launch. This prevented customers from accessing Scene Partner and the scripts that they were working with during the time it took us to update the app.

Scene Partner has always been a labor of love. Unfortunately it was never a profit generating business, leaving us very limited resources for development work. Therefore, if the new version of Apple’s iOS breaks the app we do not see a path forward for keeping the app stable.

Here is what you can expect after June 30, 2017.

  • All previously purchased e-Scripts will continue to be available for use with Scene Partner on iOS devices running iOS 10 and earlier.
  • All previously rented e-Scripts will continue to be available for use with Scene Partner until the expiration of your MTI or TRW license and on iOS devices running iOS 10 and earlier.
  • Your personal scripts that you have uploaded to Scene Partner will continue to be available for download to Scene Partner on iOS devices running iOS 10 and earlier.
  • All Features and Voices that you have purchased from the AppStore will continue to be available for use with Scene Partner on iOS devices running iOS 10 and earlier.

What can you do to continue using Scene Partner after Apple’s next iOS release?

  • Scene Partner should continue to work under iOS 10.3, no problems have been reported to date under this version of the iOS.
  • Maintaining version 10.3 of the iOS on your devices will ensure that Scene Partner continues to work as it does now.
  • Another option may be using Scene Partner on your older iOS devices. Many customers have older iOS devices that they have retired in order to use newer, faster versions of Apple’s hardware. Dedicating a retired device to Scene Partner and avoiding iOS upgrades for that device is another way to ensure continued access to Scene Partner.

Thank you to our customers – the more than 60,000 actors, directors and producers who have downloaded Scene Partner!

Your support, encouragement and suggestions have been invaluable. Your passion for theatre has been an inspiration during the last 6 years.

We would also like to offer a word of thanks to all of our publishing partners who believed in the idea of Scene Partner and worked with us to make the idea a reality. A special thanks to our friends at Broadway Play Publishing, Dramatists Play Service and Music Theatre International who invested so much effort and brain power in the development of the e-Script format and the Rental e-Script model.

Lastly, a very special thank you to Harmony IT. Without you there would never have been a Scene Partner.

Thanks again,

The Cast & Crew of Scene Partner

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