ThespianFest11 Winners Announced announced the winners of the Scene Partner contest held last week during ThespianFest11 in Lincoln, NE.  Two free copies of the full version of Scene Partner were given away to festival participants who registered at the Scene Partner booth during show hours.

The winners were:

  • Michael Duty
  • Jacqueline Sunaaf
  • Catherine Schwartz
  • Bailey Reeney
  • Bryant DeGuire
  • Jay Coker
  • Greg Rodes
  • Taylor Harvey

Congratulations to the winners!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth last week for your enthusiastic response and encouragement!

The Educational Theatre Association’s annual Thespian Festival at the University of Nebraska  is the premiere event on the high school theatre calendar. The week showcases great high school performances on four stages, a wealth of learning opportunities for students and educators in workshops and master classes, a student leadership program, auditions for college admission and Thespian scholarships, the Thespian Playworks student playwriting program, and much more.

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