New Scene Partner version 1.5 released to the AppStore!

Scene Partner iPad home screenA new version of Scene Partner is now available on the AppStore.  It was formally announced during the recent American Alliance for Theatre & Education Annual Conference, held in Chicago from July 27th – 31st.  We have added some new features that we think you are going to like.

  • First, we completely redesigned the iPad version. iPad owners will find a brand new look that is based on the award winning design of the iPhone version and takes advantage of the unique hardware and software features of the iPad.
  • Second, we have added 17 new text-to-speech voices that you can purchase for use with Scene Partner.  This includes 9 new U.S. English voices and 8 new British English voices.  These new voices are available for only $1.99 each and will add variety to the playback of your scripts.
  • Third, we set the stage for a dramatic expansion of our Public Library, the collection of Public Domain scripts that are pre-formatted and ready for download to Scene Partner.  Look for more announcements from us in the coming weeks about this!
  • Fourth, we added a number of enhancements that will make Scene Partner faster and easier to use.
    • Downloading and analyzing scripts is now faster. It is also more obvious when the script processing has been completed so that you will know exactly when your script is ready for use in Scene Partner.
    • Refresh buttons are added to the library screens and to the pick script screen so that you can always be sure that you are viewing the latest scripts without having to exit and then re-enter the screen.
    • Keyword searches can now be used in all three libraries.  Search by script name, author, genre or script type.
    • The script analysis process is improved.  It now does an even better job of recognizing character names and correcting for some of those odd alphabetical characters that can be substituted for apostrophes and quotes when the script is converted to UTF-8 encoding.  However, for best results it is still recommend that you upload a plain text file saved with UTF-8 encoding.
  • Fifth, we fixed several bugs that will make Scene Partner more error free.
    • We resolved an issue where script transmissions get out of sequence, causing downloads to accidentally be duplicated.
    • We corrected a problem with the Theater Library tab where the first theater script would scroll up out of view after the first download from the theater’s library.
    • We optimized the Text-to-Speech software so that there are fewer cases where the playback gets “confused.”
    • We worked with our partners at Acapela to enhance our proprietary Elizabethan English pronunciation dictionary so that more of Shakespeare’s words that are no longer in our vocabulary (especially those pesky contractions) will be pronounced correctly by the Scene Partner voices.

Thank you for your support of Scene Partner.  Download the update today!

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