David Rosenberg’s column in the Norwalk Hour

This is a great write up from David Rosenberg about Scene Partner. It appeared in his Sunday August 21 “Applause” column.  David is a co-founder of the Connecticut Critics Circle and a writer for BackStage, the Norwalk Hour and the Stamford Times.

The link to the Norwalk Hour website is at the end of the excerpt below.  The Hour may require that you login to see the article and the advertising on their site can be a bit overwhelming.

Norwalk man creates app to help actors learn lines

By DAVID A. ROSENBERG Hour Correspondent

Congratulations! Your audition was successful and you’ve been cast as
Claudius (or Gertrude) in a community theater production of “Hamlet.” Now,
how do you learn your lines?

First, you duly highlight your speeches in yellow or green or whatever. That’s
the easy part. Then, you have to learn the words. If you’re doing “Hamlet” in
its entirety, Claudius has 550 lines, while Gertrude has 157.

The beginning is easy, since you’ll have no trouble with your opening:
“Though yet of Hamlet, our dear brother’s death / The memory be green,”
says Claudius, the hypocrite who murdered his own brother. “Good Hamlet,
cast thy knighted color off,” says Gertrude, Hamlet’s mom.

The ending is a cinch, too. (Spoiler alert: They both die.)

Ah, but in between, what with all that iambic pentameter, all those cues, all
that blocking (movement). What to do?

Help is here, in the person of Norwalk’s J. Kevin Smith, who designed Scene
Partner, an app to help get you off book (that is, rehearse without a script).
Compatible with the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, it’s a tool all actors can use.
The company began in November 2009… READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT THE HOUR

To go to the Scene Partner home page click https://www.ScenePartnerApp.com

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