SETC News Article About Scene Partner!

I got an email from Professor Emeritus Don Wolfe of Wake Forest University several weeks ago.  He wanted to know if I could provide him with some additional information for a Scene Partner article in SETC News.  Being a NC native and having been accepted at Wake Forest back in the dark ages (although I eventually chose the excellent theater program at Catawba College), we had a lot to talk about.  The results of those discussions can be found in an article in the September / October Edition of SETC News.  The latest edition is being distributed in a new digital format that is pretty cool.  You should check it out just for the interesting digital magazine approach that they are using through the online publishing company issuu. Or you can take a look at it here on the blog, where I have doctored it a bit to make it more readable.
[issuu width=300 height=194 pageNumber=7 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=110902153934-c2cce1d754344c75a94c11a3672a7836 name=sept2011setcnewstoweb tag=auditions unit=px id=883818bc-9477-4902-99c4-ea97163b2cf1 v=2]
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