Scene Partner makes the App Store home page

This morning dawned to find Scene Partner sitting on the home page of the App Store!  Very exciting time for us here.  There are some less than glowing reviews that have accompanied this august development, but that is kind of part and parcel for the App Store.  I’ll use this blog to try and address those issues, questions and criticisms as quickly as I can.  And hopefully there will be some praise forthcoming as well.  If you like Scene Partner, please let the world know by going to the App Store and letting your voice be heard with a favorable review of the App.

The issue of cost is front and center in all of the comments, particularly the fact that it was not initially disclosed in the App description.  This is a very valid criticism.  I struggled with this and did a good bit of research to see how other Apps handled this, both in their descriptions and on their websites.  Almost universally, this is something that is not discussed.  I followed their lead.  Lesson learned.

My apologies to those who felt that this was a bad decision.  It has been fixed in the descriptions of the App on the App Store, and I hope you will give us another try.  The hallmark of this service will always be listening to customers and trying to be as responsive as possible.

Good luck getting offbook!

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2 Responses to Scene Partner makes the App Store home page

  1. Will Rompala says:

    Any plans for an iPad version? The screen space will be much better on the larger format. I find it difficult to use on the iPhone screen with the scroll bars.



    • jkevinsmith says:

      Hi Will, the iPhone version is iPad compatible, but a true HD, iPad Native version is in the works. In fact, I’m beta-testing it as we speak :) . On the iPad, Scene Partner can really become a script replacment (although you lose that wonderful tactile feel of the paper script). Several theaters are looking at it already as part of their green initiatives for 2011.

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