Scene Partner makes it to the Wall Street Journal

Scene Partner makes the WSJWell, it’s been a little hectic around here since the last post two weeks ago.  Between the appearance on the App Store home page (much appreciated!), an article in the WSJ Digits App Watch blog profiling Scene Partner  (very cool!) and the random tweet by Tom Cruise (yeah, really!), the metaphorical phone has been wringing off the hook!  For those who missed the post on the WSJ site, here is the link to take you there:

The interview was conducted via phone the same afternoon that we took down the set for Ken Ludwig’s Postmortem at the Town Players of New Canaan.  Great set that was designed and built by my beautiful and talented wife (see below), and with only one second degree burn for me in the process!  A recreation of Gillette’s Castle in East Haddam, CT.  Fortunately they decided to reuse a large chunk of the set for some future productions so they let us off the hook easy. 

All in all, a full theater weekend, and one that reminds me why so many of us work in our local theaters.  It started with a memorial service / celebration for one of the stalwarts of the New Canaan theater community, followed by a closing night and cast party with friends, an early morning Sunday set strike and ended with an unexpected interview with the WSJ.  A wonderful weekend of making memories and savoring them.

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