Known Issues with Scene Partner 2.0

A few issues have cropped up since the launch of Scene Partner 2.0 on Saturday and I wanted to document those here for everyone. No huge issues but a couple of inconveniences that we are working to fix for the 2.1 version. You can find these issues documented here, in our Help files and on the Update page. We will use all three of these locations to keep you up to date and to explain any issues that we discover or that you report to us.

  • On the iPad, using iOS 5.0 and above, the line/cue/scene tracklists (popovers) in the get offbook screens fill almost the entire screen.  This makes closing the tracklist, by tapping outside of it, very tricky.  However, a small sliver of the screen should still be visible on the left, right and bottom of the tracklist.  Tap there and the tracklist will close.
  • On the iPad, if you select the line/cue/scene tracklist (popover) button and then tap the button again, and then you tap outside of the tracklist as described above, then the tracklist turns a dark blue/black.  However, just tap outside of the tracklist again and it will close to display the full screen.
  • On the iPad, if you select the account settings button and then tap the button again, and then you tap outside of the menu listing, then the menu listing turns a dark blue/black.  However, just tap outside of the listing again and it will close.
  • The Record and Note features only work in Full Scene mode if you have selected a Character in the Cast screen.  Otherwise Scene Partner will close.
  • On the iPhone, if you select certain screens in a specific sequence, your My Library tab in the Add Scripts screen may appear to be empty, even if you have uploaded scripts.  Don’t worry, just tap the Public Library tab and then tap the My Library tab.  You’re My Library tab will now refresh and you will see your scripts.


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4 Responses to Known Issues with Scene Partner 2.0

  1. Amy says:

    Hi! I’m using the iphone app, and my library is empty. I just uploaded a script on-line, and did exactly as you suggested: I clicked on public library and then my library, but it is still empty.

    Any advice would be helpful!

  2. jkevinsmith says:

    Hi Amy, sorry to hear that you are having trouble seeing the script in your library. Please try a couple of other things to “wake up” the library. First try signing out of your account on the iPhone and then signing back in. You can do this by tapping the “account settings” icon, then “update account”, then “sign out.” You should then see the “sign out” button change to a “sign in” button. Tap that to sign back in. Check you library again to see if the script appears. If that doesn’t work, try closing down the app completely and re-launching it.

    Also, we took a quick look at the script and the format appears to be OK except that the script headers and page numbers are still included in the file. You may want to remove these from the file and reload it to your library, otherwise the app will treat them as character dialogue.

    Please let us know if the steps above solve the problem.


  3. Bryan says:

    Have you tested 2.0 in the iOS 6 Beta? I am running it, and I can’t get the app to open on either my iPhone 4S or 3rd Gen iPad past the intro. It’s just a plain white screen in either device.

    • jkevinsmith says:

      Hi Bryan, we haven’t given it a test run with the 6.0 beta yet. Thanks for the heads up! We’ll take a look and see what the issue is. We can always count on Apple to throw us a curve when they update their OS.

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