New Scene Partner® 2.3 Sets the Stage for Release of Samuel French e-Scripts™ – New version Now Available on the AppStore

Samuel French e-Scripts - Coming Soon!

Samuel French e-Scripts - Coming Soon!

Today we announced the release of Scene Partner 2.3 and set the stage for a new wave of digital e-Scripts from the world’s premier play publisher and licensor, Samuel French.  When they arrive on the Scene Partner WebStore, Samuel French e-Scripts will be available at a price of $10.99 to $11.99 per title and will require Scene Partner 2.3 or higher.

Scene Partner’s Publisher e-Scripts include the following features:

  • e-Scripts are the authorized Acting Editions in Scene Partner’s digital format*
  • Actors can use Publisher e-Scripts in Scene Partner on up to 4 of their devices
  • Includes a PDF of the printed script that actors can Read in Scene Partner

Theater companies can purchase multiple copies of Scene Partner e-Scripts for their cast members.  Distributing e-Scripts to cast members is easy:

  • Purchase multiple e-Script copies — one for each cast member who has Scene Partner
  • Actor can download only one copy of the e-Script and use it in up to 4 of their devices
  • Just like with printed versions, there is no cost to actors to download a Publisher e-Script from a Theater’s Library

New Scene Partner 2.3 is available immediately on the AppStore, so update to the current version today!

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