16 New Voices Take a Bow on Scene Partner 2.3

16 New Voices for Scene Partner16 new Acapela Group voices take a bow this month with the release of new Scene Partner 2.3 on the AppStore.  An award winning app for actors, Scene Partner is a powerful iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch® app that helps actors solve the age-old problem of how to memorize lines.  With Scene Partner, actors can learn lines anytime, on their own, using just their iOS device. Taking advantage of the advanced Acapela text-to-speech technology built into the app, actors can play their lines, their cues, or whole scenes. They can even record their own voice and the voices of their fellow actors, and merge them with the TTS playback.

The new additions include 3 new U.S. English voices, featuring “Micah” a male voice with a Southern twang. There are also 3 other English voices with an accent, a U.K. female voice, an Australian male voice and female voice from India. And Scene Partner 2.3 introduces the first non-English language voices for the app, including new French, German, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese speakers. The additional voices are available via In App Purchase for just $1.99 each.According to J. Kevin Smith, owner of MyTheaterApps.com and the developer of Scene Partner®, “These new text-to-speech voices from the Acapela Group will allow our customers to expand the variety of voices they can use in Scene Partner.  This brings us to a total of 35 TTS voices, including 10 non-English speakers!”

Actors can learn their lines using their own scripts or by choosing from a growing collection of Publisher e-Scripts—the authorized Acting Editions designed specifically for use with Scene Partner.  In order to properly read the non-English language alphabetical characters, the script file must be saved by the actor in a plain text format with UTF–8 encoding, prior to uploading it to the Scene Partner site. Character Names and Act / Scene designations must continue to be provided using only English alphanumeric characters.

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