Your Favorite Musicals Are Coming to Scene Partner®!

Your Favorite Musicals Are Coming to Scene Partner!

Music Theatre International will bring a musical flair to the Scene Partner e-Script library, thanks to a new Distribution Agreement between the world’s premier musical theatre licensor and leading theatrical app developer The agreement will make the scripts of select MTI musicals available digitally on the Scene Partner WebStore for use as a rehearsal tool in the Scene Partner App. Theaters and actors will be able to access MTI e-Scripts to memorize lines while mounting officially licensed productions.  The first wave of Music Theatre International titles is expected to be available before the end of 2013.

According to Drew Cohen, President of Music Theatre International, “Scene Partner represents another leap forward in our delivery of digital rehearsal tools to our customers. Combining the app’s innovative features with our outstanding collection of the world’s greatest musicals will be a boon for our customers.”

J. Kevin Smith, owner of and the developer of Scene Partner®, stated, “We are thrilled to be a part of Music Theatre International’s impressive suite of Theatrical Resources.  MTI’s customers rely on these great tools to help make their productions as professional as possible. Scene Partner will fit right in with this collection of products by giving actors the tool they need for learning lines for MTI shows.” Scene Partner is a powerful iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch® app that helps actors with the age-old problem of how to memorize lines.

Scene Partner customers will be able to find the MTI titles in the company’s online store at When available, Theaters will be able to rent multiple copies of an officially licensed MTI play and distribute the e-Scripts to their casts during the term of performance licenses through a secure, online theater library. Actors who are participating in MTI- licensed productions will be able to rent a copy of the e-Scripts for their personal libraries as well.

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18 Responses to Your Favorite Musicals Are Coming to Scene Partner®!

  1. Troy Tinker says:

    Will you be including “The Producers” on your Scene Partner offerings?

    • jkevinsmith says:

      Hi Troy, thanks for the question! The Producers is not in the first wave of musicals that MTI will be sending us, but we expect that it will be coming soon. When is your production?

  2. MTI as a partner is great news! We are planning to produce Once On This Island in March 2014 as our winter musical. I am hoping to continue to use ScenePartner with the cast and crew of each production next year, including the musical. Thank you for continuing to improve your services and partners!

    • jkevinsmith says:

      Hi Jo, thanks for the encouragement! We’re looking forward to working closely with MTI over the next year to bring all of their top titles to Scene Partner. Once On This Island is not in the first wave, but we expect it to come soon after, so check back with us as the dates for your production get closer.

  3. Larry says:

    Hi Kev. What about Ragtime? We’re doing it in Irvington in November. It’d be great to use SP for it.

    • jkevinsmith says:

      Hi Larry, Ragtime is not in the first wave from MTI but I’ll put in the request! When would you be starting rehearsals?

      • Larry says:

        Hi Kevin. Rehearsals will start just after Labor Day. Show goes up for two weekends, first and second weeks of November. By the way, I’m doing Shrew with Matt Young in Port Chester. Rehearsals start next week. Script loaded in SP! :-)

  4. Ramona Young says:

    Will you have any Broadway Jr. Scripts available?

  5. This is such great news! I direct youth theatre productions and we get rights through MTI all the time. Our students have such a hard time with the paper scripts. They always need to be erased so then our students don’t want to write in them, which means they don’t remember their blocking or which notes they are supposed to sing. It’s a vicious circle.

    Will you be including the librettos as well, or just the scripts themselves.

    Looking forward to passing this on!

    • jkevinsmith says:

      Hi and thanks for your comments and questions! At the moment we are trying to determine if we can include the libretto and the vocal book, or just the libretto. The key issue there is the file size and how that impacts the performance of the app. One thing to keep in mind is that there are certain restrictions to the rights that MTI owns in the musicals that they license. As a result, we will be offering the scripts as additional rental items that will be available during the term of your theater’s license with MTI. Also, our publisher e-Scripts cannot be directly edited in the app because that would involve changing the actual text of the script. However, your students can record blocking, director and character notes that they can listen to when they play back the script in the app. I hope that answers the questions you have but if it raises other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  6. BroadwayBoy says:

    So based off of all these comments, what shows will be in the first wave?

    • jkevinsmith says:

      Hi and thanks for your question. Unfortunately we are not ready to announce the first wave of titles just yet. We hope to do that in mid-September. We can tell you that the list will include 20 of MTI’s most popular titles. We then plan to add to the collection on a regular basis in the coming months. Stay tuned!

  7. Jackie Diaz says:

    This is really cool! What about Fiddler on the Roof? We start rehearsals in January

    • jkevinsmith says:

      Hi Jackie, we’re not ready to announce the first set of titles yet, but if I was looking at a “Magic 8 Ball” the answer it would be showing me is “Signs point to yes!”

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