Backstage Picks Scene Partner® As One of Six Technology “Must Haves” For Actors

We are pleased to announce that the editors of Backstage Magazine, a trusted resource for actors for more than 50 years, have chosen Scene Partner as one of six “Must Have” technology items for actors.

The selection appeared in the May 9, 2013 edition of the magazine and on the website, which has more than 1.4 Million unique visitors monthly.  Scene Partner joined the following group of “Must Haves”, picked as the best from products reviewed in prior editions:

  • Liz Caplin Studios Mobile Apps, which provide vocal training and exercises
  • Digital voice recorders from Roland and Tascam,
  • Headphones from Audio-Technica
  • Cubasis, a digital audio workstation app from Steinberg
  • iStabilizer Dolly, an iPhone camera dolly from iStabilizer
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