Line Notes is the blog for Scene Partner™, a revolutionary new app that helps actors get offbook fast!  Scene Partner is a new tool for volunteers and professionals in theater that gives you a great new way to memorize your lines.

A product of mytheaterapps.com, Scene Partner is the first in a line of productivity and community building mobile applications that will help dramatic artists in ways that we have never imagined.

This blog will be the place where I talk about all things Scene Partner and about the process of getting offbook.  I hope that others will join in the conversation and share their challenges, war stories and advice.

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  1. James Hasapis says:

    Any thought about placing operas on here? Been looking for a versatile app to memorize lines and lyrics for my operas.

    • jkevinsmith says:

      Hi James, that’s a great suggestion! We’ve thought about adding some light opera titles to our Public Library, specifically focusing on Gilbert & Sullivan. However, while we think we have a pretty good working knowledge of theatrical scripts, their formatting requirements, and what actors need in the app, we can’t say the same for Opera. We really don’t have much expertise there. Would the opera community need something different from the app? What operas would be the most important ones to make available? Thanks!

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