Are you having trouble accessing your account?

If you are having trouble accessing your account, it may be because your Scene Partner account has not been verified. You should have received an email from our server shortly after Signing Up. That email contains a link for you to follow that will verify and activate your account. Please check your inbox, junk mail, or spam folders for an email requesting that you verify your Scene Partner account.

We ask that you verify your account in order to reduce spam and ensure that no one is using your email address without your knowledge and consent. If you cannot find this email, please return to the Scene Partner website and establish a new account with a different Username and Password. You can also establish a new account from Scene Partner on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. When you receive our new request to "Please Verify Your Scene Partner Account," please do so within 48 hours.

If you have verified your account and have forgotten your Password, you can reset it below. You may only reset your Password if your account has been verified. Please enter the Username or Email for your Scene Partner account. We will send an email with your temporary Password to the email address in your Account Profile. Enter that Password once to access your account. You may then change your Password by selecting the Account Profile link on the Scene Partner home page. Please be aware that all accounts that share that Email address will be reset.