How does Scene Partner® make your productions better?

Safely distribute digital Authorized Acting Editions to your cast — using your secure, password protected Theater Account

Start by setting up a password protected Theater Account today

  • Your Theater Account is FREE and it gives you a secure online library for all of your digital scripts
  • Set up your Theater Account here on the Scene Partner website
  • Choose a secure “Library Key” password for the production — you can change it for every show for added security
  • You don't even need an iPhone, iPod or iPad to set up your Theater Account
  • Then, using your secure Library Key, your actors can access your approved scripts via Scene Partner on their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Get digital Authorized Acting Editions from the world’s leading theatrical publishers

Distributing e-Scripts is easy

  • Purchase or rent multiple e-Script copies — one for each cast member who has the Scene Partner app (Each cast member who uses Scene Partner must have their own copy. Just like with printed versions or e-books, e-Script copies may not be shared.)
  • Each actor can download only one copy of the e-Script
  • Actors can use the e-Script in Scene Partner on up to 4 of their devices
  • Just like with printed versions, there is no cost to your actors to download a Publisher e-Script from your Theater Library

Help your cast get offbook fast!

Scene Partner delivers the features that actors need most

  • Turns the text of the play into speech — your actors can listen to their cues, lines or whole scenes
  • They can record the script using their own voice and the voices of their fellow actors, and merge them with the TTS voices to help them learn lines!
  • Scene Partner focuses the script around their character.
  • See the How it Works for Actors page for more details

  • Even distribute your own digital scripts using Scene Partner

    Scene Partner is great for new plays, public domain scripts and audition sides

    • Upload your own digital script to your secure Theater Library for use in Scene Partner
    • Each actor can download your Script for a small Script Conversion fee of $1.99
    • Actors can use it in Scene Partner on up to 4 of their devices
    • See the information below for the costs associated with using your own script in Scene Partner

    Delivers all this at a great price

    2 of Shakespeare’s greatest plays are pre-loaded, King Lear and As You Like It.

    Try them out for FREE to see if Scene Partner is right for you!

    • Scene Partner includes the Cast, Listen and Record Features FREE – everything you need to get started and get offbook.

    • PLUS, you can add the Premium Paid Features individually for only $1.99 each or in a convenient Feature Pack for $4.99. Save over 15% vs the single Feature price.

    • Scene Partner charges a small Script Conversion fee of $1.99 to format each script to work with Scene Partner. This fee is charged if you select a title from our Public Library of scripts that are in the public domain, a script from a Theater Library or your own script from your own Private Library.

    • If you have updated to Scene Partner 2.1, then this Script Conversion fee is a one time charge per script. After this initial fee, you can then use that script in Scene Partner on up to 4 devices. If you are still using Scene Partner 2.0 or earlier, then this fee is charged for each download to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - so update your App today!

    • This Script Conversion fee does not apply to Publisher e-Scripts.

    • Theaters that wish to make their scripts or audition sides available to select Scene Partner customers are charged a $1.99 Script Transmission fee to upload each script or side to their Theater Library on the Scene Partner website.

    Before uploading your script, click on the buttons below to learn about Scene Partner’s guidelines for formatting your play and converting your script to text.