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Scene Partner® is a powerful actor’s app
designed and built by actors.

The iPhone has transformed what is possible in mobile computing. The potential of the iPhone as a tool for volunteers and professionals in theater, film and TV is beginning to be realized with the launch of Scene Partner, a revolutionary new app that helps actors get offbook fast!

A product of, Scene Partner is the first in a line of productivity and community building mobile applications that will help dramatic artists in ways that we have never imagined.

Scene Partner is not a simple app because memorizing lines is not a simple process. However, we have tried to make it intuitive by taking the things that we already do and using them in a setting that we already know. We hope Scene Partner helps you learn your lines faster so that you can move on to the fun part!

If you have any feedback on the application or its features, we would love to hear it! Just send us an email at notes(at)scenepartnerapp(dot)com.

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