How does Scene Partner® get you offbook fast?

Turn the text of your play into speech —
listen to your cues, lines or whole scenes

Uses the most advanced text to speech (TTS) engine available

  • Hear your lines on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using the two male and female voices provided or download additional voices for more variety.
  • 19 Text-To-Speech (TTS) voices are available, including 8 British voices — includes two voices free!
  • Additional voices only $1.99 each

Record your voice and the voices of your fellow actors, and merge them with the TTS voices to help you learn lines!

Integrates your voice recording with Scene Partner’s Text-To-Speech voices

  • Take old fashioned recording to the next level
  • Combine your voice (and the voices of your fellow cast members) with the TTS voices during audio playback

Provides multiple playback and recording options

  • Listen to “Just Me,” “Just My Cues,” “Me and My Cues,” or “Full Scene” so you learn your lines your way

Focus the script around your character.

Divides your script into Acts, Scenes and Characters automatically

  • Using accurate, targeted playback, learn your scenes during your commute, your breaks or anytime you have a few spare minutes

Customize your script based on your needs

  • Create your own French Scenes or break them down into beats to focus your work

Highlight your lines in yellow or your choice of 10 colors

  • In Read mode, mark up your script all at once with the push of a button
  • Hide your lines using the new Black highlight color - toggle it on and off to hide and reveal your lines
  • The Read Feature is available for only $1.99

Insert voice memos to capture blocking, character or director’s notes

  • Catch those important moments of inspiration for playback later
  • The Note Feature is available for only $1.99

Edit your script’s text

  • Real time revisions let you keep up with director or author’s changes on the fly*
  • The Edit Feature is available for only $1.99

* Due to copyright restrictions, some Edit features are not available for use with Publisher e-Scripts

Use any script you own in your secure Private Library when you Sign Up. Start learning lines using your scripts today.

Works with most electronic file formats

  • Multiple ways to get your script into Scene Partner including plain text, Word, rtf, and PDF (accessible format), using our online conversion utility
  • Not compatible with Word 2007 docx, Apple Pages or ePub formats - click here to learn how to save these to plain text in your word processor

Keeps your scripts safe

  • With secure accounts and private libraries your script will never get into the wrong hands

Delivers all this at a great price

2 of Shakespeare’s greatest plays are pre-loaded, King Lear and As You Like It.

Try them out for FREE to see if Scene Partner is right for you!

  • Scene Partner includes the Cast, Listen and Record Features FREE – everything you need to get started and get offbook.

  • PLUS, you can add the Premium Paid Features individually for only $1.99 each or in a convenient Feature Pack for $4.99. Save over 15% vs the single Feature price.

  • Scene Partner charges a small Script Conversion fee of $1.99 to format each script to work with Scene Partner. This fee is charged if you select a title from our Public Library of scripts that are in the public domain, a script from a Theater Library or your own script from your own Private Library.

  • If you have updated to Scene Partner 2.1, then this Script Conversion fee is a one time charge per script. After this initial fee, you can then use that script in Scene Partner on up to 4 devices. If you are still using Scene Partner 2.0 or earlier, then this fee is charged for each download to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - so update your App today!

  • This Script Conversion fee does not apply to Publisher e-Scripts.

Before uploading your script, click on the buttons below to learn about Scene Partner’s guidelines for formatting your play and converting your script to text.