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But wait, I've seen some negative reviews on the AppStore. What about those?

When you look closely, many of the negative reviews of Scene Partner come from customers who want the App to be completely free. We understand that. But to make the App completely free (and stay in business!) we would have to subject you to an endless stream of advertisements - the last thing you need when you're trying to learn your lines!

Today we live in a world where many of our favorite products are perceived to be “free.” But beware, whenever a company offers you a product for free... you are the product. Whether your favorite free app is doing it through advertising, or selling information about your preferences, or even directly selling your contact information, “free” has a cost.

We try to be as upfront about our pricing as possible. We spell it out in detail in our AppStore description, on our How it Works pages and in our Help section. But sometimes we still aren't 100% successful. However, we do provide a way to try out Scene Partner for free. The AppStore download lets you figure out if it is a tool that will actually work for you and the way you learn lines before you ever spend your first dime with us. We think that's a pretty fair deal.

Now, on to our customers!

Rave reviews from our real live customers.

★★★★★  Love this app and the Support Team is AMAZING! It has saved my skin trying to learn my lines in a short amount of time!”
— Jenny E.

★★★★★  Awesome! This app is great with helping you learn your lines... the customer service is quick and A+. They were extremely helpful. I will highly recommend this app to all my colleagues.”
— Sarah N.

★★★★★  Scene Partner App is a must have if you need to memorize lines, practice and create character development. It helps me tremendously!!! It's great for monologues too. I love this app!!”
— Kim B.

“ ...have been using SP all day Sunday. Happy to report, I'm now off book!!! Love you guys! Thanks so much!”
— Tracey A.

“Love this app, guys!!!! Keep up the good work! I had to step on as Momma Rose With almost no rehearsal, and I doubt I could have done it without Scene Partner :) ”
— Marilyn O.

“Love the French scene feature...did not appreciate that aspect, so thanks for pointing it out to me and providing explicit details on how to use it.
You guys rock! ”
— Brahm C.

“The app is really easy to use and I memorized all my lines for Hallelujah Girls in record time. I love being able to listen to the cue lines and then my lines. GREAT App.”
— Kymn H.

Customer service that is there for you every step of the way.

“I am amazed at your dedication in not only picking up on my error, but providing such detailed tutelage. Kudos to y'all for such dedicated customer engagement! ... You have a most excellent product. As a software developer myself for 30 some-odd years, I always appreciate a succinct design and implementation.”
— Chuck P.

“Awesome!!! You guys rock! Excellent customer support!!! Much kudos!!!”
— Marc L.

“Thanks for all your help and the timely replies. That speaks highly of your company and the care it takes of its customers.”
— Stan T.

“I am extremely impressed with the app and the service I have received from you - know you will be getting lots of recommendations from me to my fellow actors :).”
— Megan H.

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*Based on unit download data available from App Annie Analytics during the last 12 months.